Theme: Paw Patrol
Stuffed or Unstuffed (Empty): Stuffed
Quantity: 1
Sale price$75.00
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Stuffed includes A 16x20 Box variety of Candy, chips and snacks along with a slap bracelet, slime, coloring book, crayons, Jumpeeze toy or Stretchy String Sensory toy (for autistic children), sunglasses, finger light and bubble wands...

3 Day Turnaround...

πŸŽ‰ Introducing the ultimate fun-filled treat for kids of all ages – the Mock Vending Machine! 🍭🎁

Get ready to delight and surprise your little ones with this whimsical vending machine, packed with an irresistible assortment of candies and toys. Whether it's a birthday bash, a family gathering, or just a fun day out, this mock vending machine adds an extra dash of excitement to any occasion.

Designed to mimic the thrill of a real vending experience, children will be captivated by the colorful display and the anticipation of what surprise awaits them inside. They'll discover a delightful selection of candies, chocolates, and playful toys, guaranteed to bring smiles all around.

Not just a source of sweet treats, this mock vending machine also doubles as a charming dΓ©cor piece, adding a playful touch to any space. Place it in a playroom, classroom, or even at a special event – it's sure to be a hit wherever it goes!

Make memories and spread joy with the Mock Vending Machine – the perfect way to treat your little ones to endless moments of fun and delight. Order yours today and let the laughter and excitement begin!

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